How To Listen

As an exclusively online broadcaster, tuning in to Atlantic Radio Ireland is a very different experience to traditional FM radio. We feel it’s a better experience and, hopefully, after trying out the many methods of listening to us, you’ll agree.

Listening Live

If you want to catch our regular schedule, and hear Atlantic Radio Ireland shows as the air, you can listen in a number of ways:

  1. Right here on our website you can just click on the “Listen” button in the top menu. This will bring up a panel with an audio player that you can click on to play our pause the live audio stream.
    This should work just fine on all modern computers, tablets and smartphones.
  2. There’s also a second option on the site: the “Popup Player”. This works the same way as the other player, but it appears in a new window. Some people prefer to use this option because they can leave the player open in the background while they continue to work on their computer, and not have to worry about accidentally closing the window as they switch between tasks.
  3. Smartphone users usually prefer to connect to us via the Tunein app, because it’s easy to use and can continue to play audio while you use other apps, and when you lock your screen.This can be a great option in the car, if your mobile network provider gives you a decent data allowance and signal. You can stream Atlantic Radio Ireland from the Tunein app via Bluetooth to your car radio.
    Tunein is available for iPhones & iPads via the iTunes App Store, for Android devices via the Google Play Store and for Windows devices via the Windows Store.

Listening Back

We also keep an extensive archive of previously-aired shows, so that you can listen back at any time. We’ve provided a few ways to listen back:

  1. From our website you can select “Our Shows” from the main menu. This will bring you to our archive page, where you can go through our entire list of shows, sorted by category. From there, you can pick the show you like, select an episode, and either stream the show from your web browser, or download the file to your computer to listen to later.
  2. If you use iTunes, many of our series are available in the Podcasts section of the app. You can search by show name if you know exactly which series you are looking for, or just search for Atlantic Radio Ireland, to see a selection of our shows.
  3. There are countless other apps out there, other than iTunes, for accessing Podcasts. As well as many smartphones coming with built-in Podcast apps, there is a huge selection out there, including Podcast Lounge for Windows devices, PocketCasts for Android and Overcast for iOS/Apple devices.All of these apps work in a similar fashion: download the app from your smartphone’s app store, open the app, search for the Atlantic Radio Ireland series you want to hear, and start downloading episodes to your device.Many people prefer this method for listening in the car, because it doesn’t require using your mobile data allowance, and doesn’t require you to remain in an area with good phone coverage. You can download the episodes at home via WiFi, and listen back later over your car radio’s Bluetooth connection.

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