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Atlantic Radio Ireland was built from scratch by a team of volunteers – just normal people with jobs, hobbies and families, who gave their free time to a project they believed in.

We know that West Cork is a hive of talent, creativity and passion, and that there are plenty more people out there just like us, who could help this station to grow.

If you are interested in helping (in any way at all), have a look at the roles below, and get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Roles within Atlantic Radio Ireland

The roles below do not require any previous experience, just a positive attitude, a good work ethic, and a will to learn.


Hosts & DJs

Whether you’re a great orator, a renowned conversation artist, or a world-class waffler, we need hosts willing to share their vocal talents with the world. You could work on your own show, or with a producer.


Producers & Researchers

Anyone with an idea for a new show, who has the drive to do the hard work behind the scenes to get it made. If you want to host your own show, that’s great; if not, that’s no problem either.


Sound Engineers

People who have an ear for good sound are needed ASAP! We need people who can assist with setting up recording sessions, editing recordings and just making us sound good in general. It also helps if you’re really sound; you’ll fit in better that way.



Unfortunately we do not have the deep pockets of a state broadcaster, or the financial backing of a media tycoon, but we still have bills to pay. If you have a flair for fundraising, get in touch!


Community Organisers

Atlantic Radio Ireland is a station for the people of West Cork, and we want as many of you involved as possible. We want Bulletins from Bantry, Sports from Skibb, Radio Plays from Rosscarbery and DJs from Dunmanway. If you’re a people person, with a sense of local pride, become a Community Organiser, to promote and recruit new talent in your area.

If any of these roles sound interesting to you, or if you think we’ve missed a role that you’d be great for, let us know…

Atlantic Radio Ireland

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