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Historian, Kieran Doyle, brings the past to life in this series of interviews and investigations.

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  • S2 Ep17. Dublin History Festival & Revolutionary Walking Tour December 2, 2018
    Meet Diramaid Ferriter of UCD who talks about his television documentary on the IRA pension claims files, and walk with John Gibney on his walking tour of revolutionary Dublin.
  • S2 Ep15. The Suffragettes in Ireland November 19, 2018
    Dr Finola Doyle O’Neill talks about the beginnings of the Suffragette movement in Ireland and the most famous events and episodes of the movement.
  • S2 Ep16. Kilmichael November 19, 2018
    Kieran meets local Kilmichael man, Denny Healy, to uncover what really happened at the Kilmichael Ambush in 1920.

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