S2 Ep10: Money Money Money! – In Search Of The Lost Chord

This week’s tunes are all about the cash, moola, wonga, dinero, spondoolicks and greenbacks. Rob’s talking Money!

Barrett Strong: Money (That’s What I Want). Stevie Wonder: Living for the City. Marvin Gaye: Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler). Kendrick Lamar: How Much a Dollar Cost. Soweto Kinch – Paris Heights. 10cc: The Wall Street Shuffle. Argent: It’s Only Money. Pink Floyd: Money. Joni Mitchell: For Free. Todd Rundgren: Bag Lady. Ry Cooder: The Very Thing That Makes You Rich Makes Me Poor. Bob Dylan: I Pity the Poor Immigrant. Ry Cooder: How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live. Aloe Blacc: I Need a Dollar. Ry Cooder: One Meatball. Randy Newman: It’s Money That I Love. Lowell George: Easy Money. Rory Gallagher: Loanshark Blues. Beatles: Taxman. Beatles: You Never Give Me Your Money. Warren Zevon: Lawyers, Guns and Money. Hall & Oates: Rich Girl. Jessie J: Price Tag. Lily Allen: The Fear. Van Morrison: If In Money We Trust.

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