S2 Ep2: Fists of Fury – The Movie Music Hour

A selection of the finest tunes to ever accompany on-screen violence; this week it’s all about martial arts movies.

Joe Esposito – Youre the best around; Survivor – Eye of the Tiger; Ash – Kung Fu; Stan Bush – Fight to Survive; Lalo Schifrin – Theme From Enter The Dragon; Dennis Coffey – Theme From Black Belt Jones; Papa Roach – Blood Brothers; Tan Dun & Itzhak Perlman – Warriors; Ice Cube – Streetfighter; Stan Bush – Never Surrender; Stubblefield & Hall – Best of the Best; Edwin Star – War; James Wong – Theme From Once Upon A Time In China; Jackie Chan & Zhang Jiang – Rescue 2013; Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting

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