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Monday 19/03/2018 on

4am, 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 12am
The History Show: John Loughnan
Kieran talks to former Clonakilty Dúchas member and former Town Mayor, John Loughnan

4.30am, 8.30am, 12.30pm, 4.30pm, 8.30pm, 12.30am
There’s No Business Like: Jamboree
Moze visits Jamboree, Clonakilty’s costume and party store.

5am, 9am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm, 1am
In Search of the Lost Chord: More Irish Music
For the Bank Holiday that’s in it, Rob is going exclusively Irish with his picks today.

7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm, 3am
Transmission: Initials J.C.
Ralph Mexico presents a selection of music from artists with somewhat messianic initials…



Tuesday 20/03/2018

4am, 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 12am
Irish Farmers Journal
This week we hear about some brave women taking on the Arctic, chat to Minister Creed at Glanbia’s new cheese plant and talk through the new Sustainable Upland Agri-Environment Scheme.

4.30am, 8.30am, 12.30pm, 4.30pm, 8.30pm, 12.30am
The SodShow: Miranda Janatka, Kew Gardens
Miranda Janatka is a botanical horticulturist at Kew, based in the Temperate Unit of the Tropical Nursery. Working with one of the most diverse collections of plants in the world, she propagates and provides plants for scientific research as well as the display glasshouses at Kew.
On this weeks episode Peter Donegan chats with Miranda about what she is currently doing, in this case – cultivating plants to go into the Temperate House, the largest Victorian glasshouse in the world and very soon to be reopened following at £41 million restoration project.

5am, 9am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm, 1am
End Notes: Anne Barr
This week activist and astrologer Anne Barr speaks of ‘the disappeared’ in Colombia, people who were killed as part of the decades long civil war there, the astrological north node and recites a self-penned lyric on her own funeral.

6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, 2am
Sound And Places: African Children
Roos DeMol brings us yet another wonderful selection of music from further afield.

7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm, 3am
Undercover Country
On this week’s Undercover Country Radio Show, we get the origin to the very enigmatic Cotton Eye Joe, have an alcohol fueled back-to-back, listen to a tale of unrequited love involving a restraining order and play a song that reportedly gets 500 plays A WEEK



Wednesday 21/03/2018

4am, 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 12am
Rebel Sports Talk
NFL Franchises have been extra busy stocking up their rosters in recent weeks. Rebel Sports Talk looks at the standout trades and big money moves making headlines in the NFL.

4.30am, 8.30am, 12.30pm, 4.30pm, 8.30pm, 12.30am
Practical Fitness – Episode 4: True You
Barry visits True You Health & Strength (now Café Move) to learn about Movement, McGregor, Coffee & Handstands.

5am, 9am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm, 1am
Wireless on Flirt FM
In this episode from 2017, Radio historian Eddie Bohan tells us about the development of legal independent radio in Ireland since 1989; We profile the new Galway Irish language station Raidió na dTreabh; From Barcelona we hear the story of one of the city’s long-standing pirate stations Contrabanda FM; And as Norway switches off FM, US radio academic John Anderson discusses the challenges facing digital radio formats.

6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, 2am
Classic Hollybush Hour: Labyrinth
Listen to the complete soundtrack of the seminal 1986 fantasy film starring the magic musical talent of the late David Bowie, the masterful puppetry of Jim Henson and produced by the legendary George Lucas. With an introduction by Mick Holly.

7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm, 3am
Pacific Age: The Elegant March of Progress
The Jackboot Beats, the cold jagged edge of oscillators, curtains for humanity. This is music made in the shadow of the bomb.



Thursday 22/03/2018

4am, 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 12am
Sparking Change WITH DIL
[courtesy of the HeadStuff Podcast Network]
Dil Wickremasinghe explores the latest social justice & mental health stories by speaking to those affected with the view to spark change.
Part 1: June Tinsley of Barnardos Ireland
Part 2: Homeless and Housing Crisis in Ireland

5.30am, 9.30am, 1.30pm, 5.30pm, 9.30pm, 1.30am
[courtesy of the HeadStuff Podcast Network]
The official podcast of Motherfoclóir / The Irish For
The radio show all about, but not necessarily in the Irish language. An entertaining and informative look at our native tongue.

6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, 2am
The A-Z of 1958: Episode I
Stereo Bene is back with another interesting installment of impeccable instrumentation, immaculate inflection and incomparable intonation. Today’s theme is the letter I.

7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm, 3am
Paul of Sound: Ambient
Fueled by a broken, lonely heart and copious amounts of absinthe, Erik Satie invented what would eventually be coined by Brian Eno as ambient music. Lose yourself in an hour of ambient bliss on Paul of Sound.



Friday 23/03/2018

4am, 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm, 12am
Parisphere: Fondation Ricard
Based in West Cork & Paris, Audrey Concannon presents Parisphere, the arts & culture podcast from Paris.
This first episode is devoted to The Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, the site of the Ricard Company’s art sponsorship. Created in 1999, the Fondation was one of the first spaces dedicated to young, emerging artists from the French art scene and it’s been an important facilitator for a whole generation of artists. You can read the accompanying blog post, and view some of the images here.

4.30am, 8.30am, 12.30pm, 4.30pm, 8.30pm, 12.30am
Tadhg an Astna Players Presents: A Skull in Con & Mauras
This radio play by Ralph Mexico (host of Atlantic Radio Ireland’s Transmission), is of course a pun on the slightly more famous Martin MacDonagh’s play ‘Skull in Conemara’. This surreal black comedy, set in an Orwellian dystopian version of West Cork was recorded live in Con and Maura’s Bar Clonakilty
Featuring: Aidan O’Keefe, Michael Holly, Dan Guiney

5am, 9am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm, 1am
With Relish
Hosted by Harry Colley and Aoife Allen, With Relish looks deep into Ireland’s culinary industry and identity, with a focus on the individuals that make it up. Featuring some of the country’s most exciting and innovative chefs, food producers, writers and anyone shaping Ireland’s food landscape.
In this episode, we hear about Argentina’s first Chipper & speak to Cuan Greene, one of Ireland’s leading young chefs.
[courtesy of the HeadStuff Podcast Network]

5.45am, 9.45am, 1.45pm, 5.45pm, 9.45pm, 1.45am
Rockers Guide: Spacemen 3
Eamonn introduces Spacemen 3’s 1987 magnum opus ‘The Perfect Prescription’. From its Stooges-tinged foundations onward, it is a psychedelic masterpiece, long hailed for its supernova aural transcendence, dilated orchestral highs and spectral guitar ohms. Spacemen 3 re-drew the rock’n’roll landscape in a kolidascope of technicolour and heavenly feedback. This ‘concept’ album – ‘a vision of a drug trip from inception to its blasted conclusion’ – is a must-listen; an essential album in rock’n’roll’s DNA.

6.45am, 10.45am, 2.45pm, 6.45pm, 10.45pm, 2.45am
Garys Late Night Cuts: Jungle
Jungle is a form of dance music born in England out of the Rave music of the early 90’s.
With roots in Jamaican Dancehall, Ragga, as well as Hardcore, Gary traces its development right through to popular media. Gary plays a 1-hour, vinyl-only set from artists such as Shy FX and Jonny L.



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