Schedule 22/01/18 – 28/01/18 [Week 1]

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Monday 22/01/18

8.00am In Search Of The Lost Chord
Rob Armstrong delves into his musical treasure trove to find some lost gems. This week: “All Irish”.
[Repeats: 12pm, 4pm, 8pm]
9.55am Rebel Sports Talk
Atlantic Radio Ireland’s Head of Sport, Ger McCarthy, takes us through all things sporting in County Cork. This week Ger discusses Cork City Football Club.
[Repeats: 1.55pm, 5.55pm, 9.55pm]
10.20am Insurgence
Not a show for the faint hearted! Lauren Guillery’s first monthly instalment of Insurgence with a collection of heavy rock tunes.
[Repeats: 2.20pm, 6.20pm, 10.20pm]
11.20am There’s No Business Like… Little Green Dot
From the Clonline Radio archive, we listen back to Moze Jacob’s profile of interview with Lisa Tonge of Little Green Dot Craft Studio & Irish-Made Design Shop.
[Repeats: 3.20pm, 7.20pm, 11.20pm]

Tuesday 23/01/18

4pm – The A-Z 
A music show working alphabetically and sometimes chronologically through the history of recorded music. This week the theme is 1958.
[Repeats at: 8pm]
5pm – Paul of Sound
Paul Grace brings us part 2 of his playlist covering the Shoegaze genre.
[Repeats at: 9pm]
5.55pm – Port Walks
Part 1 of Baltimore artist Sheelagh Broderick’s documentary series about Dublin Port.
[Repeats at: 9.55pm]
6.35pm – Interview: Homelessness in Ireland
A special interview conducted by Moze Jacobs with volunteers from Cork Homelessness charity Hope for the Homeless.
[Repeats at: 10.35pm]

Wednesday 24/01/18

8am Undercover Country
Undercover Country’s first show of 2018 – bringing you the usual mix of unusual country music from around the world!
[Repeats at: 12pm, 4pm, 8pm]
9am The History Show
In this episode, Kieran Doyle interviews Clare McCutcheon, historian, archaeologist and teacher, about the origins of the walls of Bandon. Clare a native of Bandon and a member of the local COI, also gives us an insight into the two of the earliest purpose built Protestant Churches in Ireland; Christchurch and St. Peters.
[Repeats at: 12.55pm, 4.55pm, 8.55pm]
10am Transmission
Ralph Mexico spins a set of tunes that fall roughly under the umbrella of New Wave, while contemplating what it would be like to fall roughly under an umbrella.
[Repeats at: 1.25pm, 5.25pm, 9.25pm]
11am Baz & Bob’s Nostalgic Breakfast
Clonline Radio’s resident troublemakers, Baz & Bob, along with their court-appointed carer Evie, revisit some of their favourite moments from their now-defunct series. It’s pure filler, but they seem happy.
[Repeats at: 2.25pm, 6.25pm, 10.25pm]

Thursday 25/01/18

8am Under The Hammers
Under the Hammers: A music and performance poetry event at Connolly’s of Leap. With Cormac Lally, Stan Notte, Malcom Urquhart, Richey Mooney, David Jackson.
[Repeats at: 12pm, 4pm, 8pm]
9am Sounds & Places
World Music guru Roos Demol showcases the freshest sounds from around the globe. This episode: Syria, South Africa and More.
[Repeats at: 1pm, 5pm, 9pm]
10am End Notes
Justin Grounds, musician and composer, talks to Sheelagh about the transcendence of music and its powers of consolation and celebration in matters relating to death, dying and funeral ritual.
[Repeats at: 2pm, 6pm, 10pm]
11am Boahenson Hip Hop
Emmanuel Boahenson bring us a tastefully curated selection of the works of Belgian artist, Stromae.
[Repeats at: 3pm, 7pm, 11pm]

Friday 26/01/18

8am Write Now: Writing Tangier
A special episode in our Art & Literature programming: Author Eamonn Sheehy talks to one-time Clonakilty resident, and writer and arts agitator, Joe Ambrose. Joe talks with Eamonn on counter-culture living, Iggy Pop, the Beat Generation, life in a vibrant Tangier and writing books. All of this, and a perfectly picked musical playlist to accompany.
[Repeats at: 12pm, 4pm, 8pm]


8.55am The History of Protest Songs
A spin-off mini-series from The History Show. In episode 1 Kieran Doyle and Dominic Carroll take us through the sounds of the American Civil Rights movement.
[Repeats at: 12.55pm, 4.55pm, 8.55pm]


9.30am Gary’s Late Night Cuts
Gary Hannon’s late night listening segment gets an earlier than usual outing this week – although it’s always night time somewhere in the world. This is part 1 of a 2 part retrospective on the music of John Coltrane.
[Repeats at: 1.30pm, 5.30pm, 9.30pm]


Saturday 27/01/18 & Sunday 28/01/18

This weeks replays…

09:00 There’s No Business Like… The Little Green Dot
09:15 End Notes – Justin Grounds
10:15 Undercover Country 
11:10 In Search of the Lost Chord – All Irish
13.15 Homelessness In Ireland
14:15 Port Walks Part 1
14:55 Write Now: Writing Tangier
15:50 Rebel Sports Talk
16:15 The History Of Protest Songs
16:55 Sounds and Places
18:00 The A-Z of 1958
18:55 Paul of Sound – Shoegaze
19:55 Transmission
20:55 Boahenson [Hip Hop]
21:20 Insurgence
22:20 Gary’s Late Night Cuts: John Coltrane Part 1

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