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Historian, Kieran Doyle, brings the past to life in this series of interviews and investigations.

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  • S2 Ep8. The Life and Times of Sam Maguire – a lecture by Kieran Connolly June 6, 2018
    In this week’s History Show, we feature a lecture given by Kieran Connolly, author of a new book ‘Sam Maguire – The Man Behind the Cup’. Connolly who hails from the same town as Sam Maguire, reveals the personality of the man behind the famous cup, in his lecture. Contact the show
  • S2 Ep7. ‘School Days; the unhappiest days of our lives’ – The History Show May 28, 2018
    In this edition of The History Show, Kieran speaks to eight octogenarians about their experiences of attending school in 1930/40’s Ireland. Contact the show
  • S2 Ep6. Spike Island – The History Show May 23, 2018
    Cal McCarthy, historian and author of a history of Spike Island, ‘Too Beautiful for thieves and pickpockets’ delivers a lecture about Spike and Cork harbour, from the Michael Collins House lecture series. Contact the show

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