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Based in West Cork & Paris, Audrey Concannon presents Parisphere, the arts & culture podcast from Paris

Each episode will present artists and curators from across the arts and culture spectrum, in addition to visiting fairs, exhibitions, museums, art spaces and lots more. The goal is to share local perspectives on the Parisian scene, and hopefully introduce listeners to some of the artists and spaces – possibly not as immediately familiar to visitors – that compose the truly vibrant arts scene in Paris.


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Parisphere: Blog w/ Episode 2: FIAC 2017

  Parisphere: Episode 2: FIAC 2017 October 19th to the 22nd Produced, written & presented by Audrey Concannon. Editors: Théo Donadieu & Cécelia Revel-Maiga Music arranged by Cécelia Revel-Maiga “What makes the FIAC unique is that we have a very interesting blend between modern art, classic masters and cutting edge galleries with emerging programmes… you […]

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